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 2017 NNADAP Conference – Sault Ste Marie

The  2017 NNADAP Conference was held at the Quattro Hotel and Conference Centre in Sault Ste Marie on October 23, 24 & 25, 2017.

Each year the Ontario Regional Addictions Partnership Committee and NNADAP Conference Planning Subcommittee work hard to offer informed and meaningful workshops that impart current information in the area of addiction for the benefit of NNADAP and Treatment Centre Workers in Ontario.

This year’s conference offered the following Workshops

  1. NNADAP 101 – Pat Sword
  2. Harm Reduction is Love – Sharp Dopler
  3. Cultural Treachings – H. Neil Monague
  4. Creating Practice-Based Evidence – Mae Katt
    1. Opiate Agonist Treatment at a First Nation High School
    2. Community Based Suboxone Treatment
  5. Walking Softly on Mother Earth – Sandi Boucher
  6. Indigenous Cultural Resilience an Trauma Informed Practice – Maya Chacaby
  7. Not Your Kokum’s Bingo: Indigenous Gambling Today – Lisa Jackson & Amanda Fobister
  8. Using the Native Wellness Assessment (NWA) – Sylvia St. George
  9. Professional Certification for Indigenous Workers: how ICBOC has evolved as a certification body and how it works for you – Giselle Roblin
  10. Healing Through Song – H. Neil Monague

The NNADAP Counselor Resource Video was also unveiled at this year’s conference.  The video is designed to assist new NNADAP Workers and Treatment Centre Workers on how to counsel their client.

This video will be uploaded shortly.























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