Terms of Reference

The Ontario Regional Addictions Partnership Committee (ORAPC) are governed by a Terms of Reference, which outlines their scope of work and activities as follows:


  1. Background
  2. Mandate
  3. Structure
  4. Member Selection Process
  5. Accountability Process
  6. Operating Principles and Procedures
  7. Term, Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Committee Members
  8. Role/Responsibilities of the Committee Facilitator
  9. Subcommittee/Task Groups
  10. Appointments to External Committee/Boards
  11. ORAPC Annual Review Proces
  12. Appendix I – Notice:  Vacant Seat on ORAPC
  13. Appendix II – ORAPC Annual Review Process
For a copy of the most recent version of the ORAPC Terms of Reference, click HERE.