Rentention Incentive

Retention Incentive 

The First Nation Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB), Indigenous Services Canada, offers a retention incentive to NNADAP Workers (community-based and treatment centre) in the amount of $4,000 if workers achieve certification from 1 of 3 recognized certification bodies, namely;

  1. Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICB0C)
  2. Canadian Addictions Counsellor Certification Federation (CACCF)
  3. Canadian Council of Professional Counsellors (CCPC)

NNADAP Workers are asked to submit proof of certification directly to FNIHB.  Unfortunately, FNIHB can only remit payment to the NNADAP agreement holder and not directly to the NNADAP worker.   Not all NNADAP workers are receiving the retention incentive and these monies are being absorbed into NNADAP programming.

As of October, 2018, only 90 certified NNADAP Workers in Ontario are receiving the retention incentive.  ORAPC continues to advocate a resolution to this process whereby ALL certified NNADP Workers receive the retention incentive as intended.

Below is a Retention Incentive Fact Sheet  – please feel free to circulate with NNADAP Workers in Ontario!!!!